portrait c.2010

Analog Archives

Nascambe, featuring Ellen Powell (demo 1982)

Melisma, WRUV-FM live on the air (1981)

Melisma (demo 1977)

Moot Ditty live at Nectar's (c.1979)

Moots live at WRUV-FM studios (c.1980)

"Carry On" with Nightwatch (demo 1982)

Bootless & Unhorsed live at Highland Fest (1982)

The Living Stream live at Discover Jazz (1987)

Lamb's Bread (undated cassette)

Daddy Wiggler live at Media Central (demo 1991)

Downtown Quartet live at the Metronome (1992)

Blues for Breakfast live at Battery Park (1992)

Tsiu live at Cypress Recording Studios (2002)

Eclectic Acoustic@Analog Boutique (outtake 2006)

Hawk 'n Spit Reunion@Elvis' Courthouse (2023)

An Elegy from Mark and Nick (2020)


Moot Ditty


The Last Chance

album cover 1983

The Living Stream

Daddy Wiggler

Blues for Breakfast

VT Jazz Ensemble 1992

Tsiu 2002

Eclectic Acoustic

Hawk and Spit


Ellen Powell bass/vocal
Dirk Larsen piano
Harry Thompson drums
P. D. Smith guitar

Jim Cheney guitar/vocal
P. D. Smith guitar/vocal

Moot Ditty
"Mr." Charlie Frazier harmonica/saxophone
Ron Reich (or Doug Pomeroy) drums
Darrell (or Barry Doubleday) bass
Tom Arnold piano/saxophone
P. D. Smith guitar/vocal

Jim Cheney guitar/vocal
P. D. Smith guitar/vocal
Tom French keyboard/vocal
Peter K. K. Williams bass
Howard "Mitch" Mitchell drums
Shamms Mortier saxophone/timbales
Jack Phipps trumpet/arranger

Bootless and Unhorsed
Martin Resnik recorder/guitar/vocal
Daniel Landry vocal
Fletcher Fischer guitar/mandolin/vocal
P. D. Smith mandolin/vocal

The Pete Smith Band
Pete Smith guitar/vocal
Jerry Rockwell dulcimer/guitar
P. D. Smith bass/vocal

Hawk 'n Spit
Steve Rosen saxophone
P. D. Smith guitar/vocal

The Living Stream
Seleshe Damessae drums/vocal
P. D. Smith saxophone
Shane guitar
Emily bass
and others

Lambs Bread
Bobby Hackney bass/vocal
Dannis Hackney drums
"Jah" Roy Cunningham vocal
Jeff Kennedy guitar
P. D. Smith keyboards

Daddy Wiggler
Jon Richardson drums
Phil Feldner bass
P. D. Smith guitar/vocal

Downtown Quartet
Eric Koeller saxophone
Nick Warner bass
Joe Drennan drums
P. D. Smith guitar

Blues for Breakfast
"Mr." Charlie Frazier harmonica/vocal
Mark van Gulden keyboard
Eric Bessette bass
Kenny Scofield drums
P. D. Smith guitar/vocal

Larry Hetep-Miller drums
Phil Feldner bass
P. D. Smith guitar

Eclectic Acoustic
Dennis Hardin banjo
Steve McDowell guitar
Norma Reesor vocal
Andy Opel bass
P. D. Smith guitar

portrait c.1990

portrait c.1999


Greenwich 1978

Brother Paul sings 'n' plays (c.1980)

Brother Pete sings/plays Paul on the radio (1982)

"Red Wing" [for Cousin Louis] (c. 2007)

Three Microcosmos [for Bela's son, Peter] (2021)

"Hombre de la Noche" [for KarMa] (2022)

"Rise" [for every Four Little Worder] (2021)

"A Guaranteed Fail" [for Florida Shorty] (2021)

Pete's Vintage Digital (CD albums 2006-2013)

portrait c.1981


PBS 1983

link to "Guest of the House" on PBS (1983)

Dodging Through Waldo

"Dodging Through Waldo" (2010) on Youtube

Homosassa Boogie

"The Homosassa Boogie" (2010) on Youtube

The Legend of Skunk Ape

"Legend of Skunk Ape" (2011) on Youtube

Daddy Wiggler

"Daddy Wiggler" (2010) on Youtube


link to channel "pds8364"


"Black Tide Rising" (2010) on Spotify

Boecat 2021

link to "Boecat at Bo Diddley" (2021)

Boecat 2023

link to "Boecat at Inverness Courthouse" (2023)

portrait c.2018

A Musicography in Six Movements