Reading Library

A few e-texts
filled with interesting thoughts
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Classical Guitar
Uncle Lemuel in the Florida War
Stimson Sources: Collected Letters of William Peartree Smith and Elisha Boudinot
Primary Sources

Pastorialus Publius

Works by editor/annotator
Pastorialus Publius
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A Florida Woke Reader
Pastorialus Publius contra Republicana

Genealogy Library

Collections of familiar stories
and deep ancestral research
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Stimson Sources: Four Henrys and Appendices
Stimson Sources:  Another Collection
Stimson Sources: Sermons and Essays
Stimson Sources: Fragmentary Sketches from the Seventeenth Century
Letter from Thomas Dudley and The New Puritan
John Rice Jones
Dunbaugh Genealogical Sources
Louis Schmidt & L. Winfield Smith
Salisbury, N. H. (Bartlett/Pettengill)
Christopher Johnston and the Johnstones of Poldean

A few classics
for ready reference
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Orpheus and Euridice
Song of Songs
The Raven
Aesop's Fables